From the executive producer of the SAFTA award-winning television magazine programme Nisboere, which already boasts seven seasons, Laeveld Agrochem brings you the next evolution of this groundbreaking format with the launch of Niche Farmers.

South Africa’s agricultural industry is readying itself for two major paradigm shifts, namely, the rapid ascendance of black commercial farmers and, no less, the evolution to niche farming as a viable enterprise for both small and large role-players.

The future is here, and the industry needs to gear itself for this exciting chapter in the development of South Africa’s agricultural sector. For suppliers it is a matter of getting ahead of the curve by being involved from the start or, conversely, being left behind.

Together, Nisboere and Niche Farmers will provide the perfect channels to serve.

The importance of black farmers’ role in agriculture can no longer be underestimated and Laeveld Agrochem, together with its partners, intends to employ Niche Farmers as a powerful channel to reach out to them on an unprecedented mass scale, from the lower to the upper LSMs, on both free to-air and subscription-based television channels.