Become a veggie farmer with these starter packs

With these new starter packs, every man and woman in South Africa has the potential to become a veggie farmer

Thanks to the new veggie starter packs from Laeveld Agrochem and AgricultSURE, South Africans are now empowered to start creating their own veggie gardens at home. For a small investment of just R260, this starter pack enables you to produce enough vegetables to feed your entire family, with enough left to sell, so you can also earn an extra income.

The story of Norman Molomo and a fellow soccer player from the Potgietersrus area, shows us that big things can indeed be achieved with just a little money, determination, and one such starter pack. Norman and his friend got theirs, simply followed the instructions, and soon experienced the joy of harvesting their own crops from their very own backyard garden.

Moreover, they were able to produce enough crops to feed their own families and start supplying to others, including the local SPAR. With their profits, they bought a smartphone for marketing purposes and a motorbike fitted with a plastic delivery box. In addition, they are now working with Laeveld Agrochem to expand their veggie garden into a full-fledged, five-hectare farm.

The veggie starter pack comes in two variants, one for summer and one for winter. Each pack has plant spacing ropes, fertiliser, enough seeds to produce about 100-120 kilogrammes of healthy vegetables, and a complete step-by-step guide that shows you exactly what to do. All you need from your side, is about 3×5 metres of space (15 square metres) and, of course, water. 

Inspired by the successes of the veggie starter pack, Laeveld Agrochem and AgricultSURE recently launched the small farmer starter pack, which is set to enable smallholder farmers with a small piece of land to produce vegetables on a notable scale.

The small farmer starter pack is an all-inclusive package, which can be used together as modular units. It contains an erectable tank with a palette that can be set up to create a niche farm of about 1 000 square metres. 

It also has a solar-powered pump connected to a drip irrigation system, a solar rechargeable backpack sprayer, and other essentials. Essentially, it is a complete unit, with all the required items included. All of which can easily fit on the back of a bakkie. A plug-and-play micro-farm, if you like.

The steel palette is 2 metres high once assembled. Due to gravity, the water automatically flows towards the drip system, where a solar-powered pump fills the tank from a local water source. A great plus is that the system needs no electricity whatsoever – it is completely off the grid – and it can literally be transported anywhere (which is great for rural destinations!). 

Instructions for assembly and set-up are included in the pack and supportive information is readily available online. The pack has successfully been tried and tested by farmers across Africa, who were able to assemble it themselves and enjoyed positive farming experiences as a result of it. 

Coupled with the innovative seed pack, the small farmer starter pack is not just taking the emerging and small holder farmers market by storm, it is also taking their farming operations to the next level. For more information, or to get your veggie starter pack or small farmer starter pack today, simply visit