<strong>Bank on bananas for a better future</strong>

Previous Next Keke Ruben Ntozini received 1.3 hectares of land from the Buffalo City Metropolitan City. He then rallied the support of members of his community and family, including his grandson Sihle, to make the most of the opportunity. Together, they converted their piece of land into a farming enterprise that produces mixed vegetables and […]

It’s clear as day – a big farming business is not built in a day

Previous Next When talking to Tapiwa Masimba, commercial fruit and veggie farmer from Dew Crisp, it quickly becomes clear why there is the saying Rome wasn’t built in a day. Today, Dew Crisp is one of the leading providers of salad products to the retail and food sectors in South Africa, with two major operating […]

Proof that something small can mushroom into a viable business

Previous Next Chanmar Mushrooms in Heidelberg is proof of the fact that you don’t need hectares and hectares of land to create a viable and sustainable farming business. They started out small, but now, 17 years later, the business supplies mushrooms to leading chain stores throughout Gauteng and Limpopo, exclusively on a wholesale basis. Chanmar […]

Abalone – the white gold that originates from our ocean

Previous Next Abalone, also known as sea snails, is the world’s most desirable seafood, and the most exquisite of them all is the Haliotis Midae species, which is unique to South Africa’s coastline. Hermanus, one of our very own seaside towns, is also home to Abagold, one of the largest abalone producers on the globe. […]

Homegrown, but world standard. This is how a local lady farmer does it.

Previous Next The fact that she didn’t have her own farm didn’t prevent Vutlhari Chauke from pursuing opportunities in agriculture. She simply kept on searching until she found a farmer in Tarlton who was willing to lease some of the greenhouse tunnels on his farm to her. On top of that, she convinced him to […]

Zamukele: The story of an African commercial farm who adopted emerging dry bean farmers

Previous Next A true testimony to the spirit of Ubuntu, the Zamukele Project by the Schoeman Group identifies emerging dry bean farmers and provides them with the necessary support to gradually become full-fledged commercial farmers. Currently, the project supports 62 farmers across various provinces in our country. The project provides these farmers with an end-to-end […]

A flagship example: Moving our people from poverty to food security

Previous Next When we rise up to empower people to become economically active, where they live and with what they have, there is no limit to where they can go. The Broad-Based Livelihoods (BBL) programme by the Schoeman Group is a flagship example of how this can be achieved, even among the poorest of communities. […]

Growing food is a means for all of us to grow food security and starve poverty

Previous Next Olga Nkoana from Mamogaleskraal in Brits was first encouraged by government to get into agriculture to help create food security and alleviate poverty. She convinced some friends and relatives to join her in this noble pursuit and formed GMMM Co-operative Limited (GMMM) to do just that. Today, GMMM is a well-established farming enterprise […]